MoBi Master – Biological Networks – WS 2023/2024


  • Carl Herrmann (carl.herrmann (at)
  • Julio Saez-Rodriguez (julio.saez (at)

Practical information

Technical requirements: each student should have its own laptop with RStudio installed and running!

We will assume some programming skills in R, as well as knowledge of basic statistical concepts (P-value, statistical tests, multiple testing,…). Please contact us if you have questions related to these points! Content

The purpose of this seminar is an introduction to the main computational aspects of biological network analysis. We will cover:

  • basic concepts of graph theory
  • regulatory networks and pathways
  • logical modelling
  • causality inference through bayesian networks

Each day will cover a specific topic including lectures and practical sessions.


Final exam

The final exam will be a multiple choice exam on site