Open Positions

Scientific associate for cellular deconvolution benchmarking project

We are looking for a scientific associate for a one-year project to implement a benchmarking platform in a cloud environment to test cellular deconvolution methods for RNA-seq/DNA methylation data. Find the job description here


Group picture as of November, 2019

Ana Luísa Costa

PhD student

Daria Doncevic

Master student

Carl Herrmann

Group leader

Carlos Ramirez


Andres Quintero

PhD student

Ashwini Sharma



  • Calvin Chan
  • Qi Wang
  • Nils Kurzawa
  • Sebastian Steinhauser
  • Paul Saary
  • Ron Schwessinger
  • Christian Heyer
  • Asma Hamid
  • Clothilde Chenal
  • Jérémie Perrin

We are happy to welcome motivated students for lab rotation, bachelor and master thesis.


Applications of non-negative matrix factorization to single-cell and bulk genomic datasets

We use epigenomics datasets to characterize neuroblastoma subtypes

Cohort stratification and chromatin feature extraction using neural networks.

OpenLab Epigenomics

The Epigenomics OpenLab is a joined effort of the DKFZ and Medical Faculty to support groups in the processing of their epigenomics datasets. We offer assistance and expertise, as well as access to our processing pipelines, and are happy to host external members to guide them through the analysis.

Please contact us if you are looking for assistance.


Members of the lab are involved in teaching in the Molecular Biotechnology Bachelor and Master Program at the university Heidelberg.


Summer semester 2020

Winter semester 2019 / 2020