Understanding regulatory genomics in diseases.

Welcome to the Biomedical Genomics Group @ Health Data Science Unit !

We are part of the BioQuant Center and Medical Faculty Heidelberg. We are working on understanding gene (de)regulation in disease, in particular cancer, mental disorders and infection.

We develop novel methods to integrate large scale genomics datasets, using statistical and machine-learning approaches. We focus in particular on epigenomics data and single-cell approaches.

We are hiring a postdoc in computational single-cell multiomics for a 3-year DFG project; check the description here

We are always interested in hosting bachelor/master/rotation students! Do not hesitate to contact use if you are interested in topics such as

  • computational gene regulation
  • epigenetics
  • single-cell data
  • machine-learning


23. September 2022

Our latest preprint on OntoVAE, an interpretable, ontology inspired autoencoder is available here!

16. September 2022

Our paper on distributed multi-task learning in collaboration with the group of Emanuel Schwarz (ZI Mannheim) has been published in Bioinformatics! Congratulations to Youcheng and our partners!

18. May 2022

Congratulations to Daria for her poster prize at SBMC 2022! Next stop is SBHD 2022 in Nashville!

22. April 2022

We are happy to welcome Elizaveta Chernova and Ilya Schneider as our new bachelor students!

19. January 2022

Check out the course on multiome single-cell integration given by Andres at the SinCellTE 2022 Winter school in the teaching section!

22. November 2021

Welcome Lin Yang, visiting PhD student from Beijing on a CSC fellowship!

5. November 2021

Check some possible topics for bachelor thesis in the Teaching section!

28. October 2021

welcome to the new website of the Biomedical Genomics group @ Health Data Science Unit!

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