MoBi Bachelor – Data Analysis – WS 2022/2023


  • Carl Herrmann (carl.herrmann (at)
  • Maiwen Caudron-Herger (m.caudron (at) )


The purpose of this course is an introduction to basic techniques of scientific data analysis, which every scientist will be confronted with. It combines concepts of good practice in data analysis, statistical concepts, and practical implementation in R.

We will cover:

  • data visualization (plots)
  • descriptive statistics (mean, variance, correlation,…)
  • data exploration and reduction (PCA, clustering,…)
  • inference statistics (P-values, tests,…)
  • data modelling (linear/logistic regression,…)

Each lecture (Thursday) will be followed by a practical session (Friday) under R/RStudio




This class is supported by DataCamp, an intuitive learning platform for data science and analytics.

Practical information

  • Online discussion on Thursday (11h15 - 13h) discussing the content of the online recorded lecture
  • Hands-on exercises on Friday (10h - 11h30 and 12h-13h30) (IPMB, 5th floor, CIP Room)

Learning R will also be supported using online courses by Data Camp.

Recorded Lecture and slides

Will be put online every week

Will be put online every week